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Ep 7 - Sasha Eslami

Sasha is the founder & CEO of Eversnap, a group photo-sharing app part of the 500 Startups portfolio and acquired in 2020. A must listen for every startup CEO & product manager!

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Welcome to the Podcast, featuring people who build startups!

This week, Raj and Saif interview Sasha Eslami.

Sasha is the co-founder & CEO of Eversnap, a group photo-sharing app once known as Weddingsnap, which was acquired in 2020 and part of the 500 Startups portfolio. Join us as Sasha shares his upbringing in Iran and Alabama before attending Georgia Tech and jumping into entrepreneurship. A must listen for early-stage founders about finding resources, being persistent, and constantly growing!

Thank you Sasha for sharing your story!

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