Personalized Support For You & Your Startup

Every great early-stage VC fund and accelerator program usually has someone responsible for "matching" Founders with problem-solvers within their network. Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective. That's what Saif and Raj do for Founders through office hours. We have a big network of specialists, advisors, investors, and resources that we love matching with our people, so if you're stuck or need a solution fast, ask us! We've been in your shoes and are here to help!

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Who is the help desk for?

Startup founders without traction who need help building MVPs, are about to launch, or are raising their first round.

<$100k/yr / Pre-seed

Startup founders with a little traction who need generalist operators, seed funding, and go-to-market support.

<$1M/yr / Seed

Startup founders with a lot of traction who need A-list specialists, fractional execs, and partners that can scale with you fast.

>$1M/yr / Series-A

Early hires / core team members who need help reviewing offers, recruiting freelancers, or staying compliant.

Protect yourself.

Founders feeling stuck, rebuilding after failure, or need assistance dealing with co-founder conflicts.

We've been in your shoes.

We know what it's like.

Talk to us.
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How Our Network Supports Founders:

Startup Advisory: We’ve worked with founders starting from 0 to 1 and often work with pre-seed and seed startups who need to get “unstuck”.

GTM & Growth Accelerator: We specialize in building from 0 to 1 and have worked with a large network of trusted specialists and advisors in various markets.

Business & Product Strategy: We’ve worked across B2B, B2C, and B2B2C platforms in various industries and are awesome at building solutions for problems.

Business Development, Sales & Customer Support: We’ve written consumer & enterprise brand messaging, pitch decks, sales, and support docs to influence conversations.

Product Management: We’ve designed minimum viable products (MVPs), acquisition flows, retention strategies, and more towards cohesive, delightful user experiences.

Angel & VC Fundraising: We’ve written countless investor pitch decks & fundraising narratives as a startup founder & VC and specialize in pre-seed & seed raises.

Get matched with people for:

MVP, prototyping, and product development.

Pre-seed, seed, and series-A fundraising.

Go-to-market, sales, and marketing.

Corporate advisory, legal, and finance.

Advisors & fractional executives.

And more.

Talk to us.

Who are Raj & Saif?

Raja Mawad

Raja is a seasoned venture builder who made the jump from investment banking to startups as a non-technical founder after growing RNS Capital to $1.8B AUM. In 2020 he sold The Next Level Fitness. Today, he's the founder of Thrv.Health, a seed funded healthcare app in Seattle. A mentor at Techstars & Founders Institute Seattle, Raj regularly works with early-stage founders via and Jupiter Capital Management.

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Saif Akhtar

Saif is a seasoned startup generalist & community builder supporting early-stage founders. Founding team @ OrionCKB, acquired in 2016. On top of building products in adtech, healthtech, SaaS, and fintech, Saif has co-founded a startup incubator, two accelerator programs, and was COO of a VC fund in Asia with over 60 investments managed and 100s of founders advised between Silicon Valley and Asia since 2011.

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Struggling with something for your startup or as a founder? Try talking to us. If we know someone who can help, we'll connect you. If we've been through what you're going through, we'll share our experience. Otherwise we'll listen and try to figure out a way to get you unstuck.


Private 1hr
session = $100

Need a little longer than 20-minutes to focus on a particular outcome? Saif and Raj offer discounted sessions. Learn more about them and their background before scheduling.


Private 2hr
session = $200

Same special pricing, but for longer conversations when necessary. Ideal for founders or teams who need Raj or Saif's assistance with product, sales, fundraising, or other challenges.