What is Startup Studios?

Startup Studios is a syndicate of Founders & Advisors who've been working on startups together for 10+ years. Every single one of us has grown a tech startup from zero to a successful exit as a co-Founder or core team member. Because we've been doing this a long time and trust each other completely, Startup Studios is our way of sharing resources and connections to help the startups we work with move faster.

Collectively, our network has successfully navigated every challenge faced by early-stage Founders in North America, Europe, and Asia. We're most effective with Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series-A startups and have worked with many past those valuations. See our individual accomplishments in the Advisor Network section below.

What Can Startup Studios Do For You?

Tell us what you need and we'll match you with someone experienced from our Network.

1. Advisors

If you're a first-time Founder who's caving under the pressure of your role, try talking to someone who's been there before. Our Advisors work with teams in single sessions (best for investment reviews, financial reviews, legal consultations) or dedicated time each month to review your team's progress, provide accountability, or deep domain expertise.

Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020
Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020

2. Fractional CxOs

If you're growing fast or have recently closed a round of funding, would it be helpful to engage someone with experience growing a similar company to lead your team? Or maybe you need a part-time CTO, COO, CMO, CFO, or other executive to step in and take over a role or responsibility entirely. We'll find you someone who's already built and sold a company similar to the one you're building.

3. Growth Firms

You already know of marketing & product development firms, but what about fund brokers, sales agencies, or startup programs? We've worked with every kind of growth firm imaginable for our startups and have a handful of trusted partners who've helped us accomplish our goals. Plus we can connect you with the exact same startup deals & discounts as the best accelerators & venture capital firms in the world! COMPLETELY FREE!

Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020

Our Network's Expertise

Founders have to wear many hats - We've worn them all, worked with some of the best people in the world, and get to continue doing what we love.

Product & Innovation

Experienced Product Experts can help you conceive, build, launch, test, and iterate your vision in a fraction of the time.


Our Technology Experts can introduce you to the right tools, the best ways of using them, and how to build for scale.

Sales & Marketing

Your Startup won't last long without customers - Leverage the right Sales & Marketing Experts to strengthen your bottom line.


Want to anticipate problems before they arise? Get yourself an experienced Operations Experts to solve them fast.

Finance & Compliance

It’s best to maximize your cash-flow and to make sure that no three-letter agencies are out to get you. Finance Experts matter.


Our Legal Experts will make sure that all your ducks are in a row and that you get treated fairly in every deal.


Fundraising is a marathon, not a sprint. Our Fundraising Experts will make sure you know the route and train you to go the distance. 

HR & Recruitment

Sometimes all it takes to grow a startup is getting the right butts in the right seats. HR Experts can help with that.

Peace of Mind

Hustle culture is overrated. Sleep well at night knowing that you’re taken care of by stone-cold startup pros. 

Have a Question?

Schedule a call with one of our co-Founders below or email us any time time at hello@startupstudios.co